About Me

I started this blog in 2009, a fledging 12-year-old bent on sharing my stories of knights, princesses, and queens with the rest of the world. I’ve since moved on to post about my travels, cooking (mis)adventures, college shenanigans, poetry, and other dribs and drabbles of thoughts and things.

A little bit about myself in chronological form: born in Singapore, grew up overseas in Shanghai, returned to the motherland for high school — and now? Bustling about Stanford University (and the San Francisco Bay Area) taking a hodge-podge of economics, computer science, neuroscience, law, philosophy, and literature courses, whilst editing Stanford’s undergraduate economics journal, dancing tango, and writing and reading about law & economics as much as I can. In my time here, I’ve also danced for the ballroom team, acted in a playmanaged the communications team for the Forum for American-Chinese Exchange, and written for the political journal.

In my free time (what free time?), I cook (recent acquisitions include a sous-vide cooker, and a much-too-large stock pot for one too-small dorm room), play tennis, and drum out nonsensical jazz/classical tunes on my piano (in decreasing order of frequency). I also write. Sometimes.

Things that excite me:

  • A good, well thought-out piece of economics theory
  • A beautiful mathematical proof
  • Witnessing good, empirically-backed policy that actually works
  • Behavioural nudges that drive change (for the better)
  • Finding interdisclipinary links vis-a-vis a common topic
  • Finding hope, ambition, and drive in the most unlikely of places, and in the least expected people
  • Education, education, education. Educational opportunities, made available for all

Things that make me happy:

  • Spending time with family
  • A fruitful conversation with a friend, or a stranger
  • Meeting old friends in new cities
  • Constructivist art, especially Moholy-Nagy, Tatlin and Kandinsky
  • Old vinyl records selling for $1.99 in a random record shop in suburban America
  • Old vinyl records selling for €1 in random record stalls next to the Berlin wall
  • All things lavender, lavender flowers, and lavender fields
  • Trains
  • Rivers, streams and other isolating bodies of water that give (in Walter Benjamin’s words) an unique apparition of a distance
  • Scandinavian design, minimalist aesthetics, clean-cut looks
  • Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis, Erroll Garner, Oscar Peterson, Antonio Jobim, Stan Getz, Janet Seidel, amongst many others
  • Debussy, Piazzolla, Liszt, Satie, amongst many many others
  • Tom Misch, the “Butter” playlist on Spotify, amongst many others

For media and other enquiries, please contact: ruruh AT stanford.edu