Nothing Good or Bad, Only Thinking Makes it So


The throbbing ache of a newly formed notion, coaxed out of the tranquil state of wispy thin air and forced to materialize in the depths of our minds- retaliating; lashing out and coiling its long fingers around our brains, leaving us with no choice but to live in perpetual fetters to its inescapable contemplations…

Our lives would be vastly more convenient if we could simply switch off our thoughts with a press of a button.

Switch it off.

Just for a little while. Take a break from the multitude with resounding voices and convoluted thoughts that pound incessantly within one’s head. A rest from all the ambition, all the emotion, all the calculation- all the reverberating ideas that ricochet off the peripheral walls of the brain, all the human conventions, all the thought. 

But what are we humans without our emotions and our thoughts? Being able to switch on and off as we like would reduce us to the state of robots- a manufactured product with the sole purpose of serving some menial labor, there to compute, to serve without thought as and when another human needs.

Does that not sound familiar though? We are becoming robots. A product of society, pounded into shape by tales of success, expectations of academic and leadership prowess, manipulation hidden in the guise of praise? I was thinking about a holistic education the other day; one that nurtures a person and their values rather than just a grade-oriented, CV strengthened embodiment of a 21st Century student. But what are the right values? A heart for others, an open mind, a global outlook, innovation- all things that I have emphasized over and over again- but then sometimes I wonder, what’s the use?

The world we live in today is a ridiculously complex society that perhaps serves no better purpose. We’re all chasing after those lucid dreams- we have plunged ourselves into this complete adoration of progress. The need to feel like we’re doing something for society is a categorical imperative. did this, did that- such conceited egocentric tendencies hidden within the praise of doing good for others. Then we start to think about why the unfortunate are less fortunate- why so many people lack education, so many people lack food, water, supplies- basic things for survival- and it’s all because of us. A lack of an education is a terrible thing, simply because work that does not need educated human brains have been taken over by machines- there is no sustainability and stability in a life of an uneducated man. Poverty, lack of food, lack of water- is it not because we have strained our finite resources with our high population (7 billion?) and yet, we still have to keep on producing, and producing more- economic growth, progress for the better!

Leaves me so utterly confused at this point of time- I marvel at technology and the way the world works at times (I’d be devastated without my laptop and my ever so trusty blog-yes, my four year anniversary with blogging is coming up!); and yet at others I wonder why humans even deserve to live this kind of life.

Then I think of math. Math. Concepts that invoke such power and elegance, that keep me strung together in the confusing turmoil of the world. The consistency that runs throughout its entity, the infinite and yet finite possibilities. I wonder if I’d have access to such a thing if the world wasn’t as is. And then I tell myself that it isn’t all pointless procedure- such beautiful manifestations have their roots in human life and society. The concept of beauty is another thing; another definition that pertains to human whim.

I love life.

I don’t know.

Life is ridiculously inane.

Utterly bewildered.

But then again, nothing is ever good or bad-only thinking makes it so.

So switch it off for a while- all the complex emotions and thoughts melding into one convoluted glob of nothingness- innumerable arms tugging at your sleeves, pulling you in different directions- switch it all off. Let yourself be swept up in the wonders of the world, the rapid development of life, the exquisite nature of things.

C’est la vie. One day the sun will explode, and there will be no one there to care if you were Steve Jobs or some insignificant cantankerous old man residing in the most obscure part of rural China. So why be so caught up in petty pride? People take themselves too seriously nowadays.

To make important that which is fatuous, and disregard that which is truly important- such is the human condition.

Oh well, live and let live.

But unlike what I’ve just done, finish your homework first.

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  1. Love your writing style so much! I really admire your attitude to life and living it. One day, I’m going to get there – hopefully – :)

    1. ruruhoong says:

      This made my day! Thanks so much x
      I love your writing style too (but unlike me you seem to actually be able to write in french!). No worries, just be yourself! To me, you’re already there x

      1. Awww :) Thanks!

        Can’t wait ’till your next review!!

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