Sweet 16.

It’s my birthday today!

Had an additional maths and chemistry exam today, but today’s unofficially the end of my exams. (Only multiple choice left.)

I’ve never really understood what the hype about birthdays was/is about. After all, birthdays do come every year. And if statistics hold any meaning, I technically have 83 of these to celebrate in my lifetime.

It’s touching to know that people care about me, and I do understand that people want a cause to celebrate and feel somewhat special about.

But it creates unnecessary expectation, no?

It’s the little things and surprises in life that make us happy, and not the customary and somewhat perfunctory well wishes that really matter. If you do really want to make someone feel special, why not treat them well everyday, not just on their birthday?

Anyways it doesn’t matter, birthdays are happy and heart-warming nonetheless. After a entire morning of wellwishesandexamsandlunchoutwithmom, it’s time for me to really enjoy my birthday- that is, dig into the new Huxley book in my hands right now.

Mm. It’s raining now. Rain + Book + Hot chocolate= Perfect day, birthday or no.


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